About Danish Karate Union and

European Karate Organization



Danish Karate Union (DKU) was founded in 1967 and is the oldest budo martial arts organization in Denmark. We are proud to host the European Championship in 2017 – the same year the organization holds its 50th anniversary.

The organization unites the styles of Kyokushin and Shinkyokushin. With a steady increase in karateka’s the organization is undergoing a positive development and now consists of 11 karate clubs. From its inception, DKU has dedicated itself to improving its technical standards. To this end, it has established numerous training courses for Black Belts, Brown Belts, Instructors as well as Kata and Kumite Squads.


DKU is a non-profit organization and has a democratic foundation based on democratic principles. The Board of DKU consists of individuals who are members of affiliated clubs. Every club elects one member to the board of DKU. The Chairman and Country Representative are also elected by the affiliated clubs. The organization is a member of the World Karate Organization and the European Kyokushin Organization. These two organizations are also structured according to democratic principles.

The European Championship 2017 is organized with the help of our sponsors and all the karate clubs in DKU.



The European Karate Organization is a Non Profit Organization and a member of NPO World Karate Organization Shinkyokushinkai. The organization is considered the strongest karate organization outside Japan, and spans over 33 countries

All European Championships are held by EKO. The championships are conducted under the (Shin) Kyokushinkai Karate Kumite and Kata Rules. The EKO Referee Committee aims to secure a higher quality of hosting European Championships, as well as providing fair and experienced refereeing.

All athletes can compete in a doping-free sporting environment. The European Championship is controlled by the EKO Doping Committee and Regional Anti-Doping Centers.


Roskilde Kongrescenter Bauhaus Arena | April 8th - 9th 2017 | Contact: